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Total lack of personal care and understanding need of patient. Quick synopsis: - has NO sense of feeling for patient or family.

- gives FALSE sense of hope to all involved to better his clinical trials. - disappears from care of patient when the NO HOPE settles in. - unviewable reports in patient portal.

- NO condolences when patient passes. Cannot even explain how despicable he was and how he treated my sister and her family.

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I'm very sorry for your loss.

Cancer is a horrible thing and our helplessness watching someone we love suffer and die is an awful feeling that you may never be able to shake.

I know these things from personal experience.

I also know that Doctors are not magicians and trained only to fight the disease, not cure the patient.

Only the really exceptional ones make everyone feel better and do their best to fight the disease.

I'm sorry you didn't get a more sympathetic figure and you may be right about the ratings. But don't blame the entire company for one cold fish.

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